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Welcome to my blog!
You’ll get a mix of written posts and videos from me. If you have an idea or topic regarding a NICU stay or post-NICU life that you'd like me to post on, please message me your thoughts.
With Gratitude & Love,

Let Yourself Be Supported

Too often we try to do everything on our own and then we get overwhelmed, cranky, snippy and not the person we want to be.

This is so common, not just with us NICU parents, but with everyone! 

For some reason, our society has forgotten about the village mentality. We have allowed ourselves to try to do everything on our own and, for goodness sake, we even make our newborn babies become instantly independent by having them sleep in a crib or bassinet right out of the womb!! What is that all about?

This fierce independence needs to be redesigned. It is somewhat of a downfall for everyone because we honestly are not getting the support and love that we rightfully deserve and can thrive with. Most of us decline help at moments when we really do actually need that help.

This stops here!

Let's rework support for ourselves right now and learn how to accept that village back into our lives so we can settle in to more of who we are inside our souls and in turn who we need to be for...

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Destress Your Holidays


What are the messages you are giving yourself during the piling on of to-do lists?

Holiday times can create a landslide of extras that overwhelm and stress us out.

Taking care of yourself from the inside-out makes the way you handle stress feel different. You can look at any given situation and figure out how you'd like to respond and if you'd like to respond.

Remembering to fill your bucket as you're thinking about filling others' is essential.


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Trigger Activated Stuckness

Oh great... I"m stuck again. 

Memories flooding back. Emotions on the rise. Tears often enough that it's unsettling.

Triggers can create this sense of being stuck from an old event or old emotions. It's not a bad thing, it's just something that needs your attention and until those feelings or memories get the attention they need, the stuckness won't go away.

This happened to me this past week. It was my Skye's 8th birthday! :D Yay Skye!! Such an incredible feeling that my little angel has grown and become such an amazing person... and is freaking 8 years old!

(Okay, I'll stop with all of the exclamation points.) ;)

As much as Skye's birthday has the focus of him having fun, enjoying the people he holds dear and opening some presents while eating cake, it's a major trigger for me.

I have worked really hard to release the anger, resentment, guilt and loss that was wrapped around the birth of my baby. It has taken a lot to not let all of the stuff that happened for us come flooding...

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Is Your Anxiety Helping or Hindering?


Honestly, we all have anxiety at one time or another. Some live with it as a constant that balloons up and then recedes again. And others have it burst out as if to say, "Remember me?"

You experience anxiety differently than I do, and we all lead different lives. Figuring out how to build a relationship with anxiety for our own good is key. 

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Don't Pass on Your Anxiety

Starting school again after a fun-filled and adventurous few months together, can bring up emotions that none of us really like to deal with. Scott, my husband, has shared that he gets those tummy flutters that used to come when he was elementary school-aged, and I remember wanting to amp up my organization so I was prepared. (I might be a bit of a organization geek)

So now that we have Skye in our lives and he's going into grade 2 (oh my heavens), we are overly aware at how our reactions and feelings toward this experience for him can be effected by what we're giving off.

There are studies out there about how infants and children will feel and express what is actually happening for the parent, guardian or those they are around. 

So for instance, if you're having a bad day and you've kept a lot of what's going on inside your head. You're thinking about conversations. You are arguing back and forth with yourself. You are feeling anxious about something that...

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Sometimes We Just Need Time

Beyond your scope of understanding lies a deeply supportive tool that you forget is on your side. Time is here for you, not against you and it can be just what your soul has ordered.

The weight of life can be overwhelming sometimes. It can be consuming and you just don't want to do anything, and yet, being a parent or caregiver, there's always someone who needs you. 

As of late there have been more losses in my life and it's hard to figure out how I'm supposed to be. Happy? Sad? Thoughtful? Helpful? Each moment brings a new way of feeling and each day brings a lot of things that need doing. The world keeps turning even if you'd like it to stop just for a second. 

Keeping up and 'getting things done' is a pressure that you can feel at any point. When there's a lot of stuff going on and you don't think you can put one more thing into your life, often some other event or person or something comes along or happens and you just can't avoid adapting to it.

Interestingly enough,...

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Do Self-Care Wheels Really Work?


Yes and No, is the short answer.

The long answer involves the idea of an actual wheel getting stuck in the mud versus a rolling wheel that functions for what you need in any given moment.

I get asked this questions about whether the wheel really works or not and here in this video are my morsels of knowledge that have come through while helping so many others.

I hope it helps you!

Message me and let me know your thoughts!
Love you, 
Leanne Rose :) 

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Try and try again they say...

‘Try and try again’ it’s said.

‘Keep going until it feels right’ they say.

I didn’t really connect with these concepts until I had Skye.  Why should any of us go along with decisions that we don’t feel good about? The situation might not be as you had envisioned in the beginning, but the outcome might actually fit your life better than you expected.

Giving yourself the options to keep trying for something that you know deep down means a lot to you and your future, or your child's future, is never a waste of time.

When you try to do something that you think is good for you and all you get is pushback, resistance, or frustrations, you might just want to give up right then and there. Throw your hands up, your head goes back and you make some sort of comment that tells the energies around you that you’re just done!

Let me ask you, if your neonatologist or nurse did that whenever a block came up in the NICU, would that be okay?


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Crashing and Still Being Okay

Crashing into an unexpected life event when you least expect it doesn’t feel very good. It might have come out of nowhere or if there was some preparation you didn’t know all that was going to occur. You can feel alone, unsure and uncertain as to where you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do.

That feeling can get even deeper and there begins to be a sense of a loss of control. You feel like every morning or every day is a new adventure in s*#t and you can not see your way out any time soon. What would it be like to let yourself sit in the feeling? This is not a place where many of us feel comfortable, especially if you’ve had a history of depression or anxiety. It can be a scary place to venture and bring you more worries than you had before because phrases like “I’m supposed to be okay by now.” “Why am I still feeling like this?” are going through your mind.

When so much has happened to you and you really...

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Parenting Through The Unexpected


 Unexpected things happen all the time in life and often we're good to manage them. Other times, these events occur and sweep us away with the unknowns and uncertainties that our brains will produce. The emotions become big and often and it's sometimes difficult to manage where we're at, let alone support other people through what's going on.

My Vlog today is about this. 
I talk about the first steps that can be taken to figure yourself out as you try to manage a difficult situation AND have to parent at the same time.

Skye is a great mirror for me and the first time I realized he was expressing how I was feeling was a huge shift for all of us! It's a tough job, not for the faint of heart to be a parent, and with unexpected events it can become even more overwhelming.

Listen in, tell me what you think and remember, we're here for each other!
Love Leanne Rose 


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