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Welcome to my blog!
You’ll get a mix of written posts and videos from me. If you have an idea or topic regarding a NICU stay or post-NICU life that you'd like me to post on, please message me your thoughts.
With Gratitude & Love,

Can old memories bring new light?

Can you revisit a magical memory in order to build yourself up again in the moment?

When a person is in the thick of their own lives and the lives of their baby's and people around them, they can't always remember how they got there and the work that has been done.

The point of holding memories is to learn and grow and become a better version of yourself all the time in order to make the world a better place with each and every moment.

So can tapping into the old memories that hold Love, joy, excitement and pleasure bring those emotions to us in the moments when we're not joyful, feeling Loved or feeling a bit stuck?


The short answer is Yes!

I have to believe that we hold these things within us, our minds and our bodies, so that we can build out from the stuff that others have put on us as we grow.

Now, some of this stuff from others is not very nice. Most of it did not have malicious intent. Those actions were coming from what those adults and guardians thought was the...

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Answering the Question "How are you?"

How are you doing?

Do you believe that I really and truly want to know? I do want to know, yet others use it as a simple greeting.

When I hear that question being asked, or have it asked of me, I sometimes ponder if it's a genuine wonderment from the person asking. 

I'm sure it could be, but sometimes the person who asked it doesn't actually want to know the real answer. The answer could have elements in it that the receiver might not know how to handle, not want to hear or be too rushed to spend the proper time on with you. (This happened often when we were in the NICU with Skye. Too tough for some people to fathom - heartfelt, but uncomfortable.)

And then there are those dangerous answers too like: "Fine." "Alright." "Okay." If someone answers with these I often offer a space to say more because the one word answers can contain a lot behind them.

Those answers roll off the tongue and don't seem to have any substance, but you and I both know we have a ton of...

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How do you add in Tender-Loving Care?

Honouring yourself and what your needs are is not always an easy task. You're a parent, a caregiver, a child, a partner, a worker, a grandchild and much more I'm sure. Those who need you the most are your children because they are the ones learning from you and teaching you every day.

The close runner-up to being the first to need you, is You.

I'm a culprit of forgetting this and sometimes life takes over and makes me stop.

That's what happened over the last few weeks, I got really sick and my body made me stop physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually for a while.

At first the break was all about not getting worse and actually sleeping a lot.
Then is was about getting better in case my Skye or Scott got sick - which I quickly learned, I can't force myself to get better, it's just about doing what you can while you feel like crap. :)

The next stage for me was realizing I had time to rest and to think. My spirit finally came back through to me consciously and asked me...

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A Reminder To Breathe


So many times we take our breath, our lungs and our body for granted and recently I've had a lot of conversations around anxiety and having too much going on.

Interestingly enough, when I ask what people are doing to care for themselves they often don't say breathing.

Now I know it's easy to say to take a breath and not always easy to remember it in the moments you need it, however, if you practice while you're in a good headspace then remembering the tools when you need them will come more naturally.

In this vlog, I remind you of some ways to use breath as a tool with Box breathing, Belly breathing and Back breathing.

You may have heard of all these, you may not have. Either way, remember yourself and how you can care for your body that takes so much good care of you all the time.

Love you tons!
Leanne Rose 

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The Practice of Learning From Your Kids

Being able to look at your child's abilities and be able to interpret them for the child's needs turns into how you can better support them at home and at play. It also helps you lead others to support the child along their journey.

When Skye was four days old at 9 weeks early, the doctors and specialists told us he wouldn't walk and he wouldn't talk.
When Skye was 3 weeks old, they told us he was scheduled for brain surgery. (He never had the surgery.)
When our wee man was being released from the NICU, they told us not to get our hopes up, but he's doing great! 

How was I supposed to process all of those other people's thoughts and words at me, as well as what we were going through AND now taking him home and worrying about keeping him with us?

As a NICU Mom the struggles are real. The overwhelm still happens all the time and the unknowns are constant.

Skye is now 8 ("and a half Mama!" Skye always says to me) and he talks like a teenager and walks like a...

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Birthday pause and honouring your strength

I am officially 44 years old! :D

As of last night at 9:56pm Pacific Time, my physical body was brought into the air of this incredible world and I began my journey outside the womb.

Birthdays are days that make me see things differently and think of things in a very unusual way, since my Skye was born. 

I wonder about the journey from the cells, to growing in the womb and then coming out into the open air.
I ponder things like the what-ifs and how-comes of our existence.
And I deeply think about the parents.

Having given birth to another soul, I see how much that birth-day is for the mother and parents involved. It's almost more so a celebration of the survival and purely incredible feat of everyone that participated in that day.

In some families, the mother is a big part of the celebration and awareness for their children's birthdays. Both bodies worked so very hard, and many for a long time, to be together this way.

There are also the ones who don't stay in this world during...

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Be the leader of your life

Do you often want to take time away just for yourself and either can't or don't?

Sometimes, and especially if you're a single parent, you just have no options to escape and take time for yourself. It's very difficult to find someone you trust with the kiddo and you have feelings of guilt because you often hear things like, "He'll grow up soon and you'll have all the time you want." or "I never had time away, that was never an option for me."

Whether you have these voices coming from someone else or from inside your head, being a parent is a lot of work and the gremlin voices giving messages of guilt, shame and thoughts of 'you must power through', are NOT helpful!

The voice is not something that I feel I can trust because if that voice is making me feel pressured or guilty or tied down, then what is it serving? Certainly doesn't feel like it's serving me!

A few weekends ago, I was gifted the realization that taking care of ourselves, as leaders of a family, business...

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Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes


How often do we let ourselves make mistakes as adults? as parents? as people who are considered responsible in the society? When do we have the ability to say, "Well, hey, we were allowed to make mistakes and stuff at school. We're allowed to make mistakes when we're kids. Why aren't we allowed to make mistakes when we're adults?”

It's this thing that we're holding on ourselves and we hold each other up to that and it's a very strange rule that this society has seemed to hold on to for people who are older. The last time I sent an email out I forgot to add the ’t' at the end of the word ‘thought.’ Some of you may have noticed that. I noticed it after the fact and I hesitated sending something out saying, “Oops, forgot the ’t' but then I was like, “well everyone knows that I'm talking about. The phrase is Food For Thought. Why did I worry about that?

Do we worry when we are parents who have all these details to think about? Yes, of course!

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Are a Hope and a Wish the Same Thing?


My sweet boy Skye, often says things that make me stop and think. 
He is a thinker himself and ever since he was a baby, I could see the wheels turning in his tiny head.

My video blog today is about the most recent time his words made me pause.

This one made me REALLY pause. So much so that I had to sit down next to him and really consider his idea.

It's about Hope and Wishes.

So much in our world and our society is taken for granted and I know these new little beings coming into our lives as our children, are the ones who have the newest and biggest ideas for change.

It's magical and wonderful when we get to be around them, so fresh and so powerful, that they make us pause, ponder ourselves, and think about what we've grown up with!

Have a listen and tell me what you think!
Until next time,
Love always, Leanne Rose

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Now can I show my frustration?

How many times have you decided not to show a negative emotion?

Was it with family? friends? a doctor or surgeon? Maybe it was with a new specialist you finally got into for your little one.

Wherever it was, for some reason you chose not to express what you were truly feeling in the moment and now you think about it more and wonder if you should have said something.

For me, this happened a lot when Skye was in the NICU and really little. I just wanted the best for him and sometimes what was being said or offered didn't make me feel good. 

Don't get me wrong. I would never allow anything to take place that my husband and I didn't agree upon, but the emotions underneath the decisions sometimes were screaming in my heart and head and I didn't know where to release them.

With all of the care and attention on self-care out there now, there are many avenues to releasing emotions and lots of education about holding things in turning into, or manifesting into something like a physical...

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