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To bring Love & Light back into your life


Biological or adopting parents, caregivers or guardians of a NICU baby.


Couples, extended family or close friends.


Those who support &/or serve the family of a preemie or NICU baby.


From a NICU Mom

"Leanne made me feel understood.  She was so caring and supportive." 

From a Dad with Past Trauma

"Working with Leanne has been a 'life changing experience.' I can say this without hesitation."

From a Workshop Group Leader

"Leanne, you are sweet, kind, inspiring, engaging, spiritual, informative and full of life!" 

You can learn from your past

so you can experience your today.


What kind of support do you need right now?

Whether you're the parent of a preemie, a NICU nurse or other childcare provider, everyone needs someone to talk to. 
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