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To bring Love & Light back into your life


Biological or adopting parents, caregivers or guardians of a NICU baby.


Couples, extended family or close friends.


Those who support &/or serve the family of a preemie or NICU baby.


From a NICU Mom

"Leanne made me feel understood.  She was so caring and supportive." 

From a Dad with Past Trauma

"Working with Leanne has been a 'life changing experience.' I can say this without hesitation."

From a Workshop Group Leader

"Leanne, you are sweet, kind, inspiring, engaging, spiritual, informative and full of life!" 

"You can learn from your past

so you can experience your today."

~Leanne Rose 

What kind of support do you need right now?

Whether you're the parent of a preemie, a NICU nurse or other childcare provider, everyone needs someone to talk to. 
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