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My mission with My NICU Family is to spread Love and healing through NICU communities. I enjoy connecting with NICU Moms, Dads, family members & friends. I look forward to each new caregivers group, NICU nurse, staff member and team leader that reaches out to find insights & to share knowledge about how to make their programs even better for the families that they serve.

Post-NICU care is a passion of mine because I struggled a lot in and after the NICU. I felt alone at times, like I "should be able to do it” all by myself, and felt totally overwhelmed by this newness that was my new normal.

NICU parenting is a journey.
Support comes from connection, and Love is the goal.

Our struggles are real.
Our worries are real.
Our joys are immense.

When we can come together to wrap our arms around each other and provide Love & understanding, all is okay if only for a moment.

Leanne Rose Dorish

Hello beautiful, thanks for being here!

My name is Leanne Rose and I live in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada with my wonderful husband and very energetic son. 

I was having dinner at a friend’s house when I realized I was in labour 9 weeks earlier than expected. After delivering Skye, he and I had complication after complication and through some very difficult times, I learned how important it is to take care of myself. I found myself wondering how this could have happened? why was I so unprepared? and what was I going to do now?

I am continuously learning about what self-care looks like to me and sometimes it has to change daily. Being a trauma therapist before having our NICU experience has made me realize how incredibly powerful these life experiences are, and how precious.

Every moment has been a learning opportunity. We are grateful for everyone who was there helping us along the way, and even for those who decided to fall away from our lives.
We are deeply moved by the interventions that took place and my spirituality has forever changed.

You are never alone my darling.
Send me an email or reach out through one of my social media platforms. 

I very much look forward to hearing from you soon.
With loads of Love,

Leanne Rose


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