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5 Things To Do At Home For NICU Post-Traumatic Stress

Having a baby can be the most adventuresome part of any person’s life. Having a baby in the NICU can be the most traumatic.

I believe that I was supposed to be a trauma therapist before I had my son. I don’t think I could have recovered as quickly or known what was happening to me if I didn’t have that background knowledge. That time in the delivery room and the two months in the NICU was what has now sculpted my life.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

Now don’t assume that because I was a trauma therapist going through a NICU experience things went smoothly for me, on the contrary, things were totally out of control! I can look back and just see it as an experience because I’ve done A LOT of healing and soul searching and looking at my son. There are definite times when I purposely have to access my trauma counsellor brain to ask some tough questions of myself and how I want to move forward.

So that’s where this blog post sort of stems from, from the...

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