Loving Myself Again: Self-Care From A-Z After a NICU Stay

NICU parents or caregivers will find easy to practice, simple tricks to have mini-moments for personal care every day.
A beautiful book from a NICU Mama to you after a NICU stay.

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About The Book

Are you the parent of a NICU baby and feeling like you’ve lost yourself in the process?
Frustrated that you get no time for yourself now that you’re home with your baby?

This short and easy-to-read guidebook will help you look at self-care and personal time in a different light. Using the tips in Loving Myself Again can shift your perspective on why you need to care for yourself and how to do it as a busy NICU parent.

When you’re juggling parenting duties, regular chores, relationships, and individual care and services for your child, you can fall to the bottom of the list. Finding those moments of reprieve and quiet are few and far between. Figure out what works best for you now and allow for small moments to replenish yourself

Loving Myself Again breaks through the ideas of normal self-care and finds you ways to connect with yourself even on those really busy days. 

This book gives you the foundation for taking care of yourself through:

  • Including 2 ideas for each letter of the alphabet

  • Providing a focused affirmation with each chapter

  • Simple tricks for implementing personal time

  • Envisioning your own care in a new light

  • Compassionate tactics for defeating emotional exhaustion

Follow the advice in this book and start seeing yourself calmer, smiling often and interested in learning how you can care for yourself more in as short as 1 week’s time.

What’s stopping you from using small pockets of your day to re-energize and take care of yourself?


Book Reviews

"What I loved the most about the book is how much life it has in it. In every page, I felt the care with which it was written. There is a genuine attempt from the author's side to make sure that the readers enjoy and at the same time understand the significance of it. Every word in the book is chosen wisely, keeping the reader in mind. I loved the book and the author's mindset. I am glad I got to know this wonderful book."

- Vineeth, Germany

"This book is a quick and impactful read full of reminders of the importance of taking time for yourself, especially after something like a traumatic birth. Leanne offers her real life experience, practical tips, and gentle loving guidance on how to reconnect with the most important person in your life... you." 

- Jaclyn F., United States 

About The Author

Leanne Rose Dorish

Love is Leanne’s first language. She is the proud mama of a 2014 NICU graduate and a trauma counsellor. Leanne has taken her years as a registered clinical counsellor and turned them into building community and resources for NICU graduate families and the organizations that support them. 

She lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with her husband and son where they are truly blessed to be surrounded by the natural beauty of Mother Earth.