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Below you’ll find the videos that are edited to be shorter because I know a NICU parent’s life is already busy!
Send me an email and let me know if you have any questions or know someone that would like to be here with us. 
New interviews are continuously happening so stay in touch and watch for those announcement emails from me.
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PS - Here's the link to the Resources Page where you'll find the interviewee's logos and links.

Carmen DeMata of Oliver's Little Warriors

Connect with Carmen:

Oliver's Little Warriors
Facebook Page


Fabiana Bacchini of Handfull Hearts & Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

Connect with Fabiana &/or CPBF:

Handfull Hearts

Kara Wahlin of NICU Healing

Connect with Kara:

NICU Healing
Facebook Page


Katrina Nelson of Mother Us

Connect with Katrina:

Mother Us

Kelli Kelley of Hand to Hold

Connect with Hand to Hold:

Hand To Hold

Leanne Rose Dorish of My NICU Family

Connect with Leanne:

My NICU Family

Leelee Klein of The Tiny Miracles Foundation

Connect with TTMF:

The Tiny Miracles Foundation


Lyndsey Lewis of

Early Bird Foundation, Inc.


Connect with The Early Bird Foundation:

Early Bird Website
Early Bird Facebook Page

Rad White of NICU Beard Club

Get Rad's FREE "New NICU Dad Survival Guide" here

Find his book "Enter The NICU: When Men Enter the NICU & Play the Quarterback Game of Their Lives" on Amazon Here

Connect with Rad:

Facebook Page

Sarah King of Project Sweet Peas & NICU Awareness

Connect with Sarah &/or Project Sweet Peas:

Project Sweet Peas
NICU Awareness

Trish Ringley of Every Tiny Thing

Connect with Trish:

Every Tiny Thing


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